About ITR

India Talent Revolution is an Indo-European movement – a co-operation between Kessels & Smit, the learning company, and Gurukul Trainers. Together, we are committing to empower corporates by bringing out the best in individuals and teams. We bring to India the latest breakthroughs, from around the world, in learning and development based on talent focused management.
Just as ‘genes’ there exists an exhaustive set of ‘talents’, from which each individual either possesses some or does not. There are therefore talents that we are strong in, and those that are just dormant. It is when we, as individuals, tap on our strong talents that we perform to our best and in the process, enjoy it too! On the flip side, if our work entails us to use those talents that we do not posses, we invariably underperform and get frustrated.

It is when individuals and teams use their talents that they truly shine. And when we are forced to work in roles that require talents that we don’t possess, we under-perform and can eventually burnout. If everyone could know what their talents really are and use them, life would be definitely more fun for everyone!

The core of this movement is empowering individuals with this crucial knowledge of their own unique set of talents, teaching them tools of how to leverage strong talents and how to manage those that they do not posses.

As individuals it is a paradigm shift towards an efficient way to cooperate and interact in a positive and constructive manner. It is about discovering your own talents but at the same time acknowledging the ones you need in order to perform better. The awareness of both opens new possibilities for you and the team around.
For organisations, it is a path breaking approach towards maximising human capital efficiency. It galvanises teams by bonding complementary talents and by fostering deeper mutual understanding.
We propose modules for schools, universities, corporates, families or individuals. Our team of believers, as we call the trainers, customises the modules to your needs and expectations. We work with different tools so that every organisation can join our project. Thereby, our philosophy is not to compose a workshop for an organisation, but with an organisation. We are hoping to meet you soon!